How It All Began image

Somewhere in our distant past one of our Celtic ancestors banged two bones or sticks together and was happy with the noise they made, much later Greek authors noted that the Celts had their own type of music using bone or wooden flutes and from animal skins stretched across a wooden frame, contemporary Celtic music is still identified with the bodhran made from goat skin and the flute or tin whistle.
But one thing is for sure we've had music in us for a few millennia we cannot live without it and even the non musical amongst us if left long enough and quiet enough will tap out a rhythm.
Much of the evolution of our music is lost to the ages because it was handed down from generation to generation and was not recorded, it's the way I learned to play and appreciate music by listening to my mother play the fiddle and melodeon, our house outside Bonniconlon North Mayo was a rambling house where neighbours and friends would drop in unannounced, the kettle would be put on; strong tay made with soda bread and homemade butter and then the music would start, with Tin Whistle. Flute, Accordion and Fiddle, my mother could play the accordion and the fiddle and at a sprightly 94 can still knock a tune out of the accordion, we had a wireless and record player and every Saturday night was held sacred we listened to Ceili House on Radio Eireann and when it was over and at other times I was the DJ playing records of The Clancy brothers, The Dubliners, Bridie Gallagher, Joe Dolan, Larry Cunningham, Doc Carroll, Butch Moore, Tom Dunphy, Big Tom and so many more I cannot remember, they were wonderful times and the world of music was changing , it was the era of the big showbands and almost every village in Ireland had a dance hall, sadly those days long gone but here as DJ on Coast Line Radio I still want to play the best in country and Irish music for you, so just send in your requests and check the live DJ the schedule.